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 Photo Credit: Dimitry Pavlovsky


 Dr. Suzanna Pavlovsky is a passionate musician with extensive and broad education and experience. Her conducting endeavors took her to diverse places such as  Uzbekistan (former USSR), Israel, Canada, and United States where she has served as a guest, associate and assistant conductor of university, community, and professional ensembles. Her educational and teaching experiences in such diverse places give her a broad appeal to performers and a wealth of skills and knowledge to draw upon. 

Maestra Pavlovsky is the founder, artistic and music director of Palmetto Chamber Orchestra, a group consisting of dedicated string educators and capable community members form the larger Columbia are in South Carolina, and Ensemble Eclectica, a professional group that aims for interdisciplinary approach to aid music with different art forms. She strives to build relationships between community she lives in and her two orchestras through artistic collaboration and educational enrichment while raising their regional and national reputation for artistic excellence.  Such a commitment to finding new ways to reach broader audiences ultimately led her into the idea to combine different arts in one production: live music with dance, visuals, theater, media. In the past, Palmetto Chamber Orchestra's guest artists included musicians from different musical genres outside of classical realm: blue grass band, Jazz quartet, Flamenco Dancer accompanied with two guitars, etc. With blockbuster programming and nationally renowned guest artists, Ensemble Eclectica and Palmetto Chamber Orchestra have grown into innovative, collaborative institutions offering a full season of classical music to the community in Columbia, South Carolina and beyond. In addition to the symphonic staples, Maestra Pavlovsky's conducting repertoire includes Pops, Educational programs, contemporary compositions and chamber music for various ensembles. 
Previously, Dr. Pavlovsky held her positions as an Associate Conductor of the Lake Murray Symphony Orchestra, Columbia, SC, Associate Conductor in-residence of the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra in Toronto, Canada, Assistant Conductor at the Michigan State University, teaching assistant at the Eastman School of Music, and graduate conducting and teaching assistant at the University of South Carolina. 
Ms. Pavlovsky has been the recipient of numerous honors, awards, and scholarships. She was twice a winner and a scholarship recipient of National Orchestral Conducting Competitions by America-Israel Cultural Foundation in Israel in 1993 and 1995. Additionally, she received Graduate Teaching Award at the Eastman School of Music, graduate award at the Michigan State University, and a Fellowship in Honor of Teaching Excellence at the University of South Carolina.  Additionally, she received the William H. Nolte Teaching Award for outstanding teaching from the University of South Carolina in the spring of 2010.
Dr. Pavlovsky’s broad interests combine both conducting (performance practice) and music theory.  One of her main theoretical research interests focuses on harmonic system of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin and its practical applications on the analysis of Scriabin’s music. The cross between the two disciplines resulted in a valuable project Ms. Pavlovsky undertook -- the transcription of Scriabin’s piano cycle Trois Morceaux, Opus 52 for string orchestra, thus making a clear connection between analysis and performance. 
Dedicated to pedagogy, Ms. Pavlovsky feels equally comfortable not only on the podium, but also in the classroom with students.  She has been passionately involved in teaching Conducting, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Piano, and Improvisation, and Music Appreciation courses for many years.

Ms. Pavlovsky received D.M.A. in Orchestral Conducting from University of South Carolina, Columbia, M.M. in Music Theory from Eastman School of Music, M.M. in Orchestral Conducting from Michigan State University, B.M. in Orchestral Conducting from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and in Music Theory and Musicology from the Ashrafi Conservatory of Music from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  Her conducting teachers include international community of well-known conductors such as Donald Portnoy, Neil Varon, William Winert, Vag Papian, Tak-Ng Lai, and Leon Gregorian. Her additional professional development includes but not limited to attending Conductors Institute in Columbia, SC, where she was an active participant of master classes, advanced conducting seminars and workshops with conductors Peter Jaffe, Maurice Peress, Diane Wittry, Jorge Mester, Paul Vermel, and composers Samuel Jones, John Fritz Rogers, and Russell Peck and The Savvy Musician in Action, an immersive, experimental laboratory, designed for performing artists, educators, and administrators to develop invaluable success skills  to generate most impact via 21 century artistic vision.    ​​
Ms. Pavlovsky is affiliated with and an active member of the College Music Society, the League of American Orchestras, and Conductors Guild professional organizations.
She currently lives in Columbia, SC, with her husband and son.